Rebekah Kryven, Philadelphia USA

If you want to see the Northern coast of Ireland and all it has to offer then this is the tour for you. It was luxurious in all comparison instead of being crammed onto a tour bus. Fergal is one of the most knowledgeable history buffs on the island. He was friendly, kind and as welcoming as visiting a family member on holiday. Fergal will go above and beyond in order to make the tour a once in a lifetime experience. We had the privilege of seeing every season Ireland has to offer, from partly sunny skies to squalls of snow and hail with high gale force winds. Fergal weathered us through the storms and we felt confident and comfortable in his hands. He can navigate and manage the roads like the professional driver that he is. Fergal is also a professional photographer. The images, with the lighting and scenery he can capture on your regular old iphone were unbelievable. Fergal we thank you for such a lovely experience!