Everything I dreamed Ireland would be!

Ireland was at the top of my bucket list. We’ve made other stops around Ireland but this tour completed everything I wanted and expected to see in Ireland.

This was the most incredible tour. A full days worth of non stop unbelievable beauty and history. Fergal was a joy to spend the day with. We loved his stories and history lessons.

I loved that we were able to see so much. Every stop was just the right amount of time to enjoy but then move on to next stop.

Thank you Fergal for the best day ever! 💗

Renee Drinkwater – Tampa, Florida – October 2023

I booked a day for me and my friend with Fergal for a private driving tour of Northern Ireland. This was her first time in Ireland and I wanted a more bespoke experience than what you will get on a tour bus. The best description I can give is this was like a drive in a new country with a local friend who has the familiarity, experience, and knowledge to show you the true personality of a place. We drove down country lanes with stunning vistas, we stood on cliffs overlooking the sea, we drove down to intimate coves, and we met locals who added color to the day. An added bonus was a delicious lunch at Marconi’s Bar & Bistro in Ballycastle. I’m still dreaming of the seafood chowder, and the staff were so charming. Fergal asked what we thought was the highlight of the tour and for me it was all of it! Thank you Fergal for a memorable day and certainly a highlight of our trip.

Annemarie Stafford – North Carolina USA – October 2023